25 Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Do you think someone that you love might be suffering from Alzheimer’s, but you can’t be sure?
Here are 25 symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Closeness between parent and child, connected, deep trust.

How can you be sure that it’s Alzheimer’s?

Everyone can be forgetful from time to time but how to be sure that it not more than that?

“One symptom alone does not necessarily indicate that a person has Alzheimer’s or dementia,” says Raj C. Shah, MD, of the Rush Memory Clinic at Rush University Medical Center, in Chicago. (Dementia is chronic loss of cognition, usually affecting memory, and Alzheimer’s causes 50% to 80% of dementia cases.)

Vitamin B12 deficiency, and brain, thyroid, kidney, or liver disorders can all be linked to memory loss. Yet, they can all still be linked to Alzheimer’s.

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