5 Tips to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask


Shaving Cream

Shaving cream works as well by dabbing some onto the lenses and rubbing it in on the inside and outside of the lenses with a lens cloth. Give it a few minutes before rinsing your glass with warm water.

Use a Different Mask

If you find the above tips aren’t working so well then you need to look at the mask you’re using. If it’s not sitting properly above your nose then consider buying a more suitable mask that contains a metal strip on the top of the mask to fit better around your nose. This will prevent an excessive amount of hot air from escaping through the mask.


Wear Your Mask Correctly

Having to wear a mask has been an adjustment for most people and it takes some practice to ensure the mask is sitting correctly. Keep the mask close as possible to your face but have it low down on the nose.

Avoid Touching Your Glasses Too Often

Just as we touch our face more often than we realize, the same goes for subconsciously always touching our glasses. It’s a habit for most spectacle wearers! So, try minimizing the amount of times you keep touching your glasses as it will also stop warm air getting onto the lens after touching them.