54 Vintage Pictures That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Most of the time, pictures are simply just pictures, but take a closer look and you might find some pretty interesting details. Or perhaps it’s not exactly the picture that’s sending a message but rather the context that it was taken in.

Photographs from the past are a gateway to a simpler, and sometimes more gruesome, moments in human history. Some pictures from certain points in time cause us to step back and wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Below is a list of 54 rare, classic photos that you have probably never seen before!

1. Austrian boy smiles as he receives new shoes during World War II

Source: photoconcierge.com

New shoes are definitely something we take for granted nowadays. We can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new pair and not think about how other more unfortunate people can’t even afford the simplest items. In this picture, an unknown boy from Austria smiles toward the heavens as he is given new shoes – a rare present during the Second World War.

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