Dusty radiator? No problem at all, thanks to this trick!


Dust loves to accumulate on radiators

Dust is a fact of life and not easy to escape. You can clean every day but within hours it will find its way back to settle on surfaces, in corners, and hard-to-reach places. One such place is the radiators in our homes. With all the curves and crevices, it can make a permanent place for dust to move in, making the cleaning job much harder.

If you’re looking for an easier way to keep your radiators clean and dust-free, read up on our great tip.



Dust is not only a nuisance but it can add to your expenses. When dust accumulates on radiators, it loses up to 30% of its heating capability. The radiator has to work harder to generate heat causing it to use more energy and thus increase your heating costs. So, if it’s a goal to ensure your home is completely free of dust, unfortunately, the reality is that it is an impossible goal. Even if you do a thorough clean, the dust will return within a matter of days.

Vacuum cleaner

A good place to start with your war on dust and to make your cleaning efforts effective is to make sure your vacuum cleaner is emptied out often. When the vacuum cleaner becomes filled with dust, the suction is not efficient and there’s a real possibility of more dust escaping from the vacuum bag and thwarting your cleaning effort. It’s important to ensure the bag is never more than three-quarters full to ensure proper operating power and retention of dust in the bag.

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