Find out what the shape of your foot reveals about YOUR personality!


Does this apply to you? Take off your socks and take a closer look!

1. The “normal” foot

This shape is the most common around the world. It indicates a very balanced personality. It also points towards good social skills and a certain degree of spontaneity. People with this shape usually enjoy meeting new people and are open to new experiences, such as travelling and exploring new cultures.


2. The unusually long second toe

When looking at this type of foot something is very noticeable: a very long second toe that is even longer than the big toe. This shape indicates a very sporty personality that is also known for creativity and enthusiasm. People with this shape are also known to be impulsive and not quite as rational as others.

3. The square shape

In this relatively unusual shape, all toes are approximately of the same length. People with this shape are known to be true thinkers. If your feet look like this you are likely very good at critical thinking. You like to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. This ability to think things through also makes you trustworthy and reliable. 

4. The outstretched foot

This shape is known for being relatively long and featuring slightly crossed toes. It indicates an introverted personality that does not like to hang around other people too much. You like to have secrets and keep things to yourself. Unfortunately people with this shape also often suffer from mood swings that can be quite unpredictable.