Why do people hide old newspapers in the garden? Amazing garden trick


The ‘magical’ power of a newspaper

How is a regular newspaper supposed to stop weeds from growing in the garden? You are surely wondering how this is possible. And here the ordinary, non-magic laws of nature are at work. Well, a newspaper placed in the ground becomes a natural barrier for weeds. Those that have sprouted in the ground stop growing because they lack access to the sun, and those that are yet to be born will never do so. They don’t have how. All in all, a plain newspaper is toxin free and will act as a barrier to keep weeds from growing. Effective for at least a year. And then it naturally decomposes in the ground.


A quick guide on how to do this trick

First, collect a lot of newspapers. It is best if they are made of plain paper, and not the colorful and shiny one that magazines are often made of. Secondly, spread them out in places in your garden where you don’t want weeds. Remember that no plant will grow out of the newspaper, so it’s better to leave some space for the flowers you actually plan to grow in your garden. Then wet the newspapers on the ground. You can pour plain water from a garden hose. Some gardeners leave them like this for 24 hours, but it is not necessary – you can immediately cover the wet newspapers with soil or mulch. And … that’s all! Nothing more is needed to enjoy a beautiful, well-kept garden for a year with a minimum of effort!

See how easy it is to do this trick

Words by words, but in the case of the technique of stacking newspapers at the right depth, you would certainly like to see it for yourself. The following video will show you step by step how to use an old newspaper or cardboard in your garden: