These Twins Were Named Most Beautiful In The World

Jaqi and Kevin Clements were experiencing a crisis that any parent dreads: Jaqi was going into labor a bit earlier than expected. But luck was on their side as the couple gave birth to a set of healthy twins.

In 2010, the Clements family grew from three to five after welcoming Ava Marie and Leah Rose, the twins with such jaw-dropping beauty that they took Instagram by storm at only the age of 7 years.

Here are the photos on social media that stunned everybody:

1. Ava & Leah: The Angel With Two Faces

Never before had the world seen young girls that were born to be supermodels. But perhaps the craziest thing of all is that Ava and Leah are twins – their angelic faces are identical to the T. It was like the heavens have granted the Clements twins a rare opportunity into the modeling industry; all the girls needed was guidance and, of course, love from their parents to help see things through.

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