Why you should sleep on your left side


Fight acid reflux

Although eating before going to bed isn’t healthy, our busy lifestyles today make it difficult to eat at appropriate times. If you have a late supper or simply overindulge before bedtime, you may find you suffer from acid reflux during the night. Well, researchers say that sleeping on the left can alleviate acid reflux symptoms.

It helps your heart

There are heart benefits too when sleeping on your left as it helps promote blood circulation through the body. So, if you suffer from any heart ailment, then this is an easy way to help your heart do its job while you’re asleep.


Pregnant women will love this

If you’re pregnant and finding it difficult to sleep comfortably, you may be surprised to hear there is a physical reason for this. Sleeping on your right causes the uterus to put pressure on your liver as its located on the right side. So, when you sleep on the left, you won’t feel this discomfort!

It helps your lymph nodes

Another surprising health benefit is that your lymph nodes function better when sleeping on the left. Sleeping in this position assists the body in easily filtering liquids through your system but when sleeping on the right, it makes the lymph nodes more sluggish.