With this life hack, you can grow a house plant in no time from a sweet potato


Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are well-known as a scrumptious and healthy vegetable, but did you know that the stalk may be transformed into a lovely plant for the home? The sweet potato produces a long, graceful vine that can be wrapped over a piece of furniture. It’s not difficult to grow this plant yourself: any sweet potato from the grocery store should suffice.

This is how you proceed

In the blink of an eye, sweet potatoes transform into magnificent plants. In a glass of water, place the sweet potato. Ensure that half of the potato is above the water’s surface. To keep it from dropping all the way into the water, you may stick toothpicks or small skewers in the sides. Then it’s just a matter of waiting. The sweet potato should sprout roots and green arms in a few of weeks.