One of the 7 wonders of a B&B: Yellow submarine in the sea of green


The only yellow submarine in the world where you can spend the night

Sometimes an idea and two skilled hands are enough to create one of the most original Bed & Breakfast, a yellow submarine. Keith and Jen from Marton, New Zealand, did just that. They were not in the possession of a real submarine at all. They built this unique house for rent with their own hands from an old grain silo, upcycling materials and antiques found in various places. Now, this cute yellow submarine stands in their tree-lined backyard, ‘in the sea of green’, and attracts crowds of tourists fascinated by both Beatles music and maritime art. Come with us on a tour of the interior of this little wonder!

Children’s dreams finally do come true

You’re probably wondering where Keith and Jen had come up with such an original idea for the house. Inspiration came to him, Keith says, as soon as he saw an empty, unused grain silo. It reminded him of childhood games and the times when he dreamed of owning his own submarine. As he had a technical education and had always been a typical handyman who liked to DIY, he immediately got down to business. For the first three months, he meticulously thought out the construction itself, and over the next, step by step, he built his masterpiece. All in all, it took him a year and he admits that it was all great fun.


A Bed & Breakfast in a nautical style

Currently, the yellow submarine serves as a source of income for a married couple. There are probably quite a lot of people willing to spend the night at this B&B. Keith, like any good captain, greets his guests with a shout of “Welcome aboard!”, and the overnight guests each time appreciate the maritime details with which this rental cottage has been finished.

Are you excited to see what that yellow submarine looks like inside? Find out if it has a shower or a place for a bed? Go to the next page of the article to view photos and a video.