You can clean the shower with a dishwasher tablet


Soap and lime residues in the bathroom

Have you ever attempted to clean the inside of your shower? Hopefully you can affirmatively respond to this question. If you have a glass shower door or a shower curtain, you know how tough it may be to remove all soap and limescale deposits. Are you in the market for a new shower curtain? Before you go spend unnecessary money, try this helpful hint first.

Clean the shower with a dishwasher tablet

We’ve discovered an easy method for removing stubborn grime from our shower curtains and doors. This advice comes from an Australian parent who developed her own amazing cleaning procedure by combining two standard chemicals. A white wonder sponge and a dishwasher tablet are all you need. Measure the tablet’s size then hollow out a section of the sponge so that the tablet fits perfectly inside. To clean the glass shower enclosure or shower curtain, dampen the adapted cleaning sponge and rub it over it. After rinsing with warm water, you’ll have a radiant bathroom!


Perfect combination

We recommend that you put on gloves to safeguard your hands before you begin cleaning. You might be surprised to learn how effective a dishwasher tablet is! This resourceful mum published her workaround in a Facebook group, inspiring many others to give it a try. They were also quite pleased with the results of this astonishing cleaning tip. One mother even tried it on her oven door and was amazed at how quickly it cleaned off.