4 Benefits Of Sleeping With a Garlic Clove Under Your Pillow


While you may be tempted to tuck some garlic under your pillow to ward off Dracula and his squad of vampires, you would probably need a lot more than just garlic to keep your blood safe. That said, there are actual benefits to sleeping with the ancient clove and here we list 4 of the magical properties to promote positive health effects while snug in bed.

1.Garlic Repels Night-time Bugs


Garlic is a pungent vegetable that contains an amino acid, which converts to allicin when the clove is blended, crushed, or chopped, and releases the familiar garlic odor. Insects are repelled by the strong garlic smell, just as humans avoid garlic breath. Mosquitoes and other biting critters don’t like the natural sulfur emitted from garlic cloves. So, if you don’t want to spend your nights hunting down the source of annoying buzzing around your head, slip some garlic under your pillow.


2.Garlic Cures Insomnia


Amongst its multiple benefits, garlic naturally promotes relaxation, which aids in falling into a comfortable sleep. Insomnia can affect your daytime functioning and lead to constant fatigue and irritability, which can have a ripple effect on other health conditions. An easy way to cure this is to peel a garlic clove and slip it under your pillow right before you go to bed. Replace it with a fresh clove every night.