5 Tips to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask


Get rid of foggy glasses while wearing a mask

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, masks have become mandatory in many public places. While the latest face covering is there for everyone’s protection, people who wear glasses have to put up with the incompatibility between wearing a mask with spectacles. The warm air that escapes from our breath instantly fogs up the glasses, which can be bothersome on a daily basis.

But by learning these tips, you will be able to better manage this annoying problem.


How do you wear a mask?

Before we share our tips on how to deal with foggy glasses when wearing a mask, let’s first discuss the proper ways in which to wear masks. Firstly, always wash and dry your hands properly before handling the mask to avoid transferring bacteria. Pick up the mask using the elastic bands and place them behind your ears. Adjust the mask using the loops and not your hands. Similarly, when removing the mask, make use of the elastic bands instead of touching the front covering. And when you’re not wearing it, keep the mask in a sealed container to keep it sterile and prevent transmission of the virus and other bacteria to other items.

Tips to avoid fogged up glasses

Whenever you breathe, the warm air is emitted through the gaps at the top of the mask and this is what causes your glasses to mist up. You have to constantly wipe down your spectacles in order to see! But if you try our tips below, you will be happy to discover the issue is more manageable.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is a great trick to prevent your glasses from fogging up. Simply put a small drop of dish soap on your glass lenses and give it a good rub with a lens cloth on both the inside and outside of the lenses. Alternatively, dip your glasses in clean hot soap water.

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