Don’t like those grey hairs? Try this trick with potato peels


Got grey hairs? You might be able to reduce them with just some potato peels!

Grey hair is part of the natural aging process and it’s something every man and woman will have to manage as they get older. Some people are unlucky and get grey hair before they reach 30 and some people don’t have to deal with it at all until they reach their 70s! But once that first grey hair exposes itself, that’s when you know there will be more to come. If that doesn’t bother you then you can confidently show off your silver strands but if you prefer to hold onto your youthful hair color, then you’ll love this potato peel trick.

Hair Dye

Resorting to hair dye is not always the healthiest way to control grey hairs. Whether you do it yourself at home or at the salon, it can not only get expensive but you’re loading chemicals onto your scalp and into your hair follicles. And once you start dying your hair, you will have to do it over and over again. The alternative is using potato peels! It’s just as effective and will cost you less.


Potato peels have an enzyme called catecholase, which is used in the production of cosmetic products that help balance skin tones. But this enzyme can also bring out the color in your hair. The great thing about this trick is that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals either.

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