What Can Your Fingers Reveal About Your True Personality?


A. Short Index Finger, Long Ring Finger

Apparently, handsome guys often fall into this category. Men with these hands are likely approachable and able to make friends easily. They are also known to make good money as their confidence and, at times, daring approach is quite a favourable feature in the professional world. Definitely the kind of guy to look out for on a first date!

B. Short Ring Finger, Long Index Finger

Men belonging to this category are considered more likely to enjoy solitude and working on projects alone. They are usually also not known to be particularly daring in the social world. If you like a man with a short ring finger and a long index finger you should probably do the first step and approach him. If you don’t, you might risk missing out on a big chance! Despite their seemingly reserved attitude, men belonging to this category are often quite confident and self-assured.


C. Both The Ring Finger And The Index Finger Have The Same Lengths

It’s fascinating! Hands with balanced finger sizes apparently also indicate a balanced personality. Good news for women in search of a long-term partner, as these men are relationship-centric and cordial. Not only that, but they are also super loyal and honest! Men with this personality are also likely very easygoing and in harmony with their surroundings.