5 Amazing Alternative Ways to Apply Toothpaste!


3. Against unpleasant odors

Here is a fantastic way to make use of an almost empty tube of toothpaste. Cut off the top, fill it up with hot water and pour this surprisingly effective mixture into your drainage pipes. This works fantastically well against bad odors and leaves a pleasant, fresh smell. Perfect for kitchen sinks that regularly get in contact with food residues. The best thing about this simple method is that it doesn’t cost any extra money and is perfect for making use of the last little remains of toothpaste that are usually so hard to get out of the tube.


4. To shine chrome and steel

Toothpaste is great for removing stains from kitchen sinks and faucets! Simply put some toothpaste on a cloth and rub the surfaces you want to clean up. Stains that once were incredibly hard to remove suddenly become easy to deal with. Oftentimes a good rub with some toothpaste can make sinks and faucets look like they are brand new. Just give it a try and you will be amazed!

5. Against odors in containers

Baby bottles tend to always have a slightly unpleasant smell that never really seems to disappear. This is because of the milk that they are used for. Toothpaste is very effective in removing this smell. This trick can also be used for Tupperware, plastic bottles or thermos flasks! All you have to do is to rub some toothpaste against the surfaces you want to clean. After that, you need to rinse thoroughly with water and you are done! No more bad odors. This little trick also gives your baby bottles or thermos flasks a pleasantly fresh smell.