What Can Your Fingers Reveal About Your True Personality?


Let’s be honest, for an average person, most medical discoveries are way too confusing and technical to be understood. Sometimes medical discoveries can also be quite daunting, after all, there still isn’t a real cure for cancer, right? What’s definitely not daunting is this fun piece of information we are about to share with you. The phenomenon you are about to discover is likely totally new for you! You are probably wondering what all of this is about, so let’s just start!



It’s our hands that we are talking about! Did you know that a person’s hands are a great indicator of their personality? Yes, taking a closer look at someone’s hands can indeed give you a hint of what the person is really like. This interesting connection has been researched extensively. One of the most important aspects is the length of your fingers.

What matters is the relation between your index finger and your ring finger. According to research, a man’s testosterone level is indicated by the length of his fingers.  The three types of finger lengths are portrayed as A, B, and C in this picture. Even though this test only works for men, women might find it quite useful too.

Why not check the finger length of your next first date? It might give you some valuable information!

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