Clean your mattress in three simple steps


Try these simple steps for a spotless, clean mattress

Cleaning a mattress appears to be a significant undertaking. As a result, you’ll need to set aside time to adequately clean the mattress. But keep in mind that it’s worth it, given that you sleep on your mattress for an average of 7-8 hours every night, and that you sweat on it, leaving behind dead skin cells that accumulate. In only three easy steps, you can clean your mattress!


You’ll sleep easier at night knowing you’re not lying on a filthy mattress every night.

Three simple steps

In three easy steps, you can clean your mattress. Carolyn Forte, the head of the Cleaning Housekeeping Institute Lab, devised these steps. If you follow these tips, you’ll be comfortably on a clean, healthy mattress!

1. Remove dust mites and dust

Using a cleaning accessory attached to the vacuum cleaner is the easiest approach to deal with dust. To remove as much dust as possible, run this over the top and sides of the mattress. To eliminate dust from beneath the surface of the mattress’ top layer, press firmly on the attachment. Then get inside the seams and along the edges with a small, narrow attachment. If you have a clothes steamer, use it to go over the mattress before vacuuming to help kill and eliminate dust mites.

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