Do you know why you should never dry out your laundry indoors? Find out here why!


It’s much better to put laundry in the dryer and make doing the laundry a lot easier for yourself.


Needless to say, not every household actually owns a dryer. Some people don’t have enough space for another big machine and some people simply can’t afford to buy one. In this case, the only way to dry your laundry is to put it on a drying rack and let it dry out naturally. But did you know that drying clothes indoors is bad for multiple reasons? If not, you should definitely read the following. 

It is not recommended to hang laundry indoors for drying.


I know you might not have a choice but please keep this in mind: If you hang your laundry indoors for drying, the humidity in the room is going to rise by about thirty percent without proper ventilation. That’s a massive rise! According to The Asthma Society this increase in humidity is dangerous because it leads to the development of toxic mold. After a while, dangerous spores are released into the air and if they are breathed in, they can cause serious allergic reactions in humans.

Fungi and spores

One of the trickiest aspects of fungi and spores is that they are often not visible to the naked eye. Your apartment might be full of them without you even knowing. Not only that, but they sometimes also cause severe allergic reactions that can seriously affect your quality of life and even leave lasting damages. The mold also makes asthma a lot worse and affects people who are sensitive a lot more. But your breathing is not the only thing affected, fungi and spores can also impact your skin.

If you are curious about other symptoms and allergic reactions, you should definitely read the next page.