It will surprise you what eggs, tomato and a little soil can do


Calcium is not only important for humans, but it is also an essential element to keep our plants healthy. If your plants lack enough calcium it could lead to brown leaves or in the long run your plants can also die without it.


Eggshells are great to help out your plants as they are rich in calcium and a perfect and inexpensive way to improve your tomato plants!

Here are a couple of ways to use eggshells to improve your tomatoes:

Crushed eggshells

When you see your tomatoes have blossom-end rots, which is when your tomatoes look rotted, instead of getting rid of it, add crushed eggshells directly to the plant’s soil. Blossom-end rots are a clear sign of calcium deficiency, which can easily be cured with eggshells that are rich in calcium.

Prevent pests

You can keep your plants safe from pests by simply crushing coarsely your eggshells and placing them all around your plants. Since snails and slugs can move easily on soft ground, it will definitely make it hard for them to move through a surface that has sharp edges which can easily harm them.

Growing tomatoes in eggshell

If you haven’t started growing your own tomatoes yet or you want to be a 100% sure that your tomatoes will have enough calcium, then you should start growing them from the start in eggshells. To start out all you need is some eggshells, tomato seeds, plastic bottle caps, and soil. Follow these steps:

  • Clean out your eggshell
  • Make a small hole on the bottom
  • Put soil in the eggshell
  • Place it on the cups
  • Place the seeds in the soil
  • Add some more soil on top of the seeds
  • Water the inside of the eggshells well

Watch the video below for visual guidance!