4 Benefits Of Sleeping With a Garlic Clove Under Your Pillow


3.Garlic Is An Anti-Bacterial


Using garlic as a medicine and a natural spice has been widespread for centuries. Garlic has shown to inhibit food pathogens and combat fungi and viruses. You can use garlic to preserve the shelf life of foods to prevent spoilage. And because it has a variety of antimicrobial and anti-bacterial activities, it offers several beneficial health properties. Spraying garlic water is an effective solution to cleanse the room.

4.Garlic Makes You Breathe Better


Although the compounds found in garlic cause bad breath, they do have their advantages. When you crush a clove of garlic, it releases antibiotic-type properties that help in clearing a stuffy nose and blocked nasal passages. If you suffer from clogged a nose while sleeping, cut up fresh garlic and add it to boiling water. By inhaling the garlic-infused steam, you will relieve your blocked nose so you can get a good night’s sleep.